Justin bieber sex toy
The Justin Bieber Vibrator You Can Print - A few weeks back I make a sex toy in the shape of Sigmund Freud and people seemed to think that was funny, but not very sexy. I asked my Facebook friends who to create instead. Folks suggested a number of people but guess who was tops on the list. Justin Bieber apparently is the person most people want to see made into a sex toy. Who knew? I don't believe everyone actually wants a sex toy made to look like Justin Bieber, in fact I think most people wanted to parody him in the form of one. Either way, it wasn't hard using today's technology to create a 3D version of him with a hole to fit a vibrator in the bottom.

Click Here to download the .stl file of The Justin Bieber Dildo. STL is an industry standard file type so your 3D printer will be able to create one for you privately.

This MakerLove.com file is free, print as many as you want. If you want to purchase a bullet vibrator to use inside it,
you can find them here.
The justin bieber dildo you can print
The justin bieber sex toy you can print