Pinky The Vibrator - Our first traditional vibrator allows people to scale and print a vibe in the exact size they desire. Some people believe this is the reason that 3D printers will become popular. I agree. People with these devices will want to print all sorts of things and they will certainly want to avoid buying them in a store. Of course, yours doesn't have to be pink, it will be whatever color filament that you use. Mine is pink.

Click here to download the .stl file of the Pinky Vibrator.

As with all designs here at the file is free, print as many as you want, scale it up, scale it down, use it any way you wish. You can even modify it and enter your new version into our design contest. If you want to purchase a bullet vibrator to use inside it,
you can find the bullet vibrator here.
The Pink Vibrator you can print for free
Another photo of the pink vibrator you can print for free
A Third photo of the pink vibrator that you can print for foree