03 February 2013

Surface Finish Techniques

Today I created a page that explains the methods I use to create body safe surface finished for these 3D printed sex toys. A few months of effort went into this page and it represents a fair bit of trial and error. I’m happy to announce my findings on the process. Thanks to Vibrators.com for supporting the effort by purchasing all of the different materials used and allowing me to do much of this work in our offices and warehouse.

Time Lapse Video

We uploaded a time lapse video. Many people are curious about how a 3D printer works and what it does. I hope that this page with its explanation and time lapse video will help explain the process.

New Designs Uploaded

Four new styles of sex toys went up today. These are more mainstream designs that many people will find useful. We have a standard vibrator shape, a g-spot version (with and without ribs), a spiral dildo, and a series of butt plugs in different sizes. These will prove to be very useful and we expect these four designs will probably make up the bulk of our downloads (except for Justin Bieber, who is presently our #1 download). You can find photos of all of the designs here.