Welcome to MakerLove

Welcome to MakerLove.com where we are providing free sex toy design files for your Maker device / 3D Printer. 

MakerLove.com provides, free of charge, a large variety of sex toy designs you can print with a 3-D printer, or Maker. Since 1998 our group has been helping people avoid embarrassment and Makers will help that cause. You see, when people have the ability to make things privately, we suspect they will choose to make certain items without telling anyone else. Sex Toys and personal items seem rather high up on that list. So we have formed a website to capture and share designs for these personal products. MakerLove.com may revolutionize the sex toy industry or it may not, we are not sure. Regardless, we will be a free resource for people who want the freedom to privately own their own pleasure. 

MakerLove.com is a project of PriveCo Inc. – The World’s Most Private Company. MakerLove.com is financially supported by a sponsorship by Vibrators.com where people aree encouraged to buy the vibrating motors for their MakerLove creations dynamic.