The Bieber

The Justin Bieber Vibrator You Can Print – A few weeks back I make a sex toy in the shape of Sigmund Freud and people seemed to think that was funny, but not very sexy. I asked my Facebook friends who to create instead. Folks suggested a number of people but guess who was tops on the list. Justin Bieber apparently is the person most people want to see made into a sex toy. Who knew? I don’t believe everyone actually wants a sex toy made to look like Justin Bieber, in fact I think most people wanted to parody him in the form of one. Either way, it wasn’t hard using today’s technology to create a 3D version of him with a hole to fit a vibrator in the bottom. 

This file is free, print as many as you want. If you want to purchase a bullet vibrator to use inside it, you can find them here.