About Maker Love

Executive Summary:

MakerLove.com provides free downloadable designs for people who have Makers (3-D printers) so that they can privately make sex toys and other embarrassing items at home.    

Background Information:

In 1998 our company, PriveCo Inc. was founded. We sell items that are embarrassing to buy in person over the internet.  PriveCo sells everything from hemorrhoid creams to vibrators, and we do so with the utmost privacy.  We currently operate 11 websites: most notably Vibrators.com and ShopInPrivate.com.  

12 years ago we developed our corporate vision:  “Technology Overcomes Embarrassment.”  One technology that I think is going to change life is the Maker.  We have one now, a Makerbot Replicator and think it is amazing.  We also can see that the price of 3D printers will continue to drop and soon they will be affordable enough for most people to own.  People will have the ability to make items they want, instantly, without anyone else being involved.  That’s quite a bit of freedom.

I believe that one thing that will be popular to make with your Maker is sex toys.  Why?  Because we’ll all be free to make them privately.  That is quite an enabler.  People have unfulfilled sexual appetites and many new technologies have been successful when they fill them.  Here are some quick past examples of technologies that was embraced sexually.

– VCR’s – Allowed people to watch porn privately, and that industry flourished.

– Pay by minute phone lines – Gave birth to the phone sex industry.

– Internet Shopping – Allowed my company to flourish and sales of sex toys have gone way up.  

– Internet Video – Allowed people to watch porn for free and that has grown.

– eReaders – Allow people to read books without other people being able to see the cover – Fifty Shades of Grey et al.

– Makers – I expect that people will print out sex toys.  

The challenge with these new technologies is figuring out how to sustain them financially.  WIth Maker designs, they are overwhelmingly free of charge, which is fantastic, so I don’t believe there is any opportunity to start charging for them.  Instead, we are going to offer designs for free. We will encourage designs that have a hole in them compatible with a bullet-style vibrator that we sell.  Essentially we are giving dildo designs away for free and if you want to turn them into a vibrator it will cost about ten bucks to buy the correct bullet vibrator at Vibrators.com.  

MakerLove.com is launching with a few designs at first and more designs are forthcoming. The site has an ongoing contest to generate new ideas from people all over.  Designers will be encouraged to submit their designs and the best ones will win a cash prize and then be shared with everyone.  MakerLove.com might be the first site that is offering cash for 3-D designs that will then be given away for free.  

I think that covers it.  If you have any questions, please let me know.