Contest Specs

Designers: If you heard a rumor about a 3-D design competition, it is true. is hosting a contest for printable sex toys. You design them and if we like it, we’ll pay you for it. After we pay you, your design is then given away free here. So not only will you be paid to design cool things, but your item will be used by hundreds of adoring fans. 

File type: .stl

Product maximum size: 225 x145 x150 millimeters or 8.9 x 5.7 x 5.9 inches (The Makerbot Replicator prints this size objects)

Colors: One (for now)

Software you should use for the design: Anything that will export an .stl file. 

Design Material: ABS Plastic

What We Want: We want enticing sex toys designs that will be pleasurable for our visitors to print out and use. We are particularly interested in designs that can be made to vibrate. This is how will pay the bills, by selling bullet-style vibrators that people will insert into your design. Essentially, your design will be for a dildo and customers will be encourage to visit to order the vibrator motor to turn it into a vibe. We have chosen one particular vibrator for this project. You will need to put a 18mm diameter by 60mm deep hole in your toy to accommodate the bullet. 

Bullet Hole Dimensions: The bullet hole should round and 18mm in diameter and 60mm in depth. 

Payment: Designs that we use and publish will be paid $75 per design. Designs without an accommodation for the bullet vibrator that we sell will be paid $35. 

Multiple entries? Please submit as many as you like, we may not choose them all, but we are looking for a fairly large number of designs. 

Here are some tips on designing the world’s greatest sex toys: 

• Size matters. It matters in that your toy should be the right size, not huge, not tiny. If you are designing something that looks like a penis, 5.5 inches (140mm) long and 1-1.25 inches (25-32mm) wide at the widest is a good size to start with.

• Make it a great shape. Popular toys these days have organic shapes with curves. Find something that inspires you in nature, or a part of the human body. Try to recreate it.

• Check out what people are buying. Visit’s Popular Vibrators page or see their list of the top vibrators of 2013. Use those designs as inspiration.

• Add your personal flair. What do you like? This design is your contribution to the sexual world. Add a personal touch. 3D printers can make almost anything, give it some personality.

• Email it to us and we’ll check it out. If we like it, we’ll publish your design and pay you for it.